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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Pipes
Hydrostatic pressure test is conducted using a method for static characteristics of rock deformation measurement indicators.

Hydrostatic pressure test is a test. When the pressure vessel is made, after the newly installed container 3 prior to use or access, in order to test the strength of the container macro (if there is a crack, if the deformation is too large) and sealing the sealing point and weld, adding an appropriate amount of water in the container.

Determination of rock
Excavation in Rock a circular tunnel test, the test tunnel test section at one end portion is closed up concrete decking, using a high pressure water pump is forced into the test tunnel, so try cave rock surface subjected to a uniform water pressure caused rock deformation test changes again Underground radius or diameter, and then the relationship between pressure and deformation calculated deformation modulus and elastic resistance of rocks.

Determination of pressure parts
Usually closed pressurized parts, pressure parts of 1.25 or 1.5 times the design pressure of the injection pressure test water. When observed at least within 30min no leakage or no leakage through the joining surfaces of the cabinet or enclosure, the test is considered satisfactory. Large thick-walled castings may require a longer test time.